User Guide

Activating Your Account

Please read the following before using your new credit card

  • Verify that the name on the card is correct.
  • Sign the back of the card.
  • Your card must first be activated before use.

How to activate your card

Your card can be activated by following the below procedures. If you do not have a social security number, activation is available only through live operator; after dialing 1-800-552-4906, from the main menu press "#" to speak with one of our live operators.

Activation by phone

Call 1-800-552-49061-800-552-4906 and follow these prompts
Choose language (Japanese or English)
Press "1" from the main menu
Follow the verbal guidance and provide data when prompted
From the menu press "1" for activation

Online activation

Access your online account
[ENROLL] for Personal Enrollment
Click on the "Activate your Card" link

Lost or Stolen / Unable to Use

If your card is lost or stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact service center immediately.
A service center representative will cancel your card and issue a replacement card.

JAL USA CARD Service Center


* If you are outside the US, you may make a collect call to 1-949-242-6325.

Important information on protecting your card

Keep your PIN confidential!

Create a PIN that is not easily determined by a third party - numbers such as date of birth and home phone are not recommended.

Manage your card on account information!

Periodically verify that your card has not become lost. Also, for your security we recommend that you shred statements and other documents containing card information before you dispose of them.

What to do when you are unable to use your card

There could be several reasons for your card being rejected.
The first thing you should do is make sure that your balance is not over your credit limit. You may verify this by accessing your Online Account、 or by calling Cardmember Services.

24 hour bilingual automated voice response service


Damaged Card

How to reissue your card when it is damaged

Please call service center immediately if your card is damaged and we will reissue it. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.