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Enrollment inquiries

From the US
(English and Japanese)
TEL : 1-877-443-5587
5:00AM - 5:00PM PST Mon - Fri
FAX : 1-888-376-6415
´╝łor 949-437-9681)
From Japan
TEL : 0120-828-750
9:00AM - 5:00PM Mon - Fri

Cardmember service line

If you are a current JAL USA CARD cardholder, please call the card member service line below to check your current balance, confirm payment, or report a lost or stolen card.

From the US
(English and Japanese)
TEL : 1-800-552-4906
From outside the US
(English and Japanese)
TEL : 0120-828-750

In order to provide the highest level of card security, account information is provided only to the primary and secondary* cardholders. Therefore, we are not able to respond to inquiries from an authorized card user (i.e. family member). However, authorized card users are still able to report fraud and lost or stolen cards.

* A secondary cardholder is a cardholder that has responsibility equal to that of the primary cardholder for payment and other liabilities.

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