Closing Your Account

Closing your credit card account

You may close your account by phone.

Accounts must be closed by the primary account holder by contacting service center.
If you are planning to use your card until immediately before permanently returning to Japan,
or during your return trip to Japan, you may contact our service center in Japan. You are responsible for
any outstanding balances; continue to sign-on at Cardmember Services to check your account balance and make payments.

Upon contacting service center, your account will be closed immediately and you will no longer be able to use your card.

Annual fees will continue to be charged until account is closed; therefore, please close your account when you no longer plan to use the card. At account closing, we may ask for your contact information in Japan.

Payment after you close your account

You are able to access your Online Account from Japan - even after your card has been canceled. We highly recommend using this payment method if you continue to maintain a US bank account.

Mailing address

If you have a balance on your account at the time you leave the U.S.:
* Please change your billing address to that of a person who will submit payment on your behalf, or provide a U.S. work address.

Please call service center to change your billing address.

Auto charge

If you have signed up for any auto payment services - for example magazine subscriptions, gym/health clubs, etc. - please change the registered payment card (method) or cancel the services.

Note that without taking action, these fees will continue to be (automatically) charged to your account even after your card is closed.

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